OK: "DiskSpaceUtilization:slave-vsi-10:/mnt" in US West - Oregon

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You are receiving this email because your Amazon CloudWatch Alarm "DiskSpaceUtilization:slave-vsi-10:/mnt" in the US West - Oregon region has entered the OK state, because "Threshold Crossed: 1 datapoint (2.82874384406759) was not greater than or equal to the threshold (85.0)." at "Tuesday 01 November, 2016 22:16:31 UTC".

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Alarm Details:
- Name: DiskSpaceUtilization:slave-vsi-10:/mnt
- Description: DiskSpaceUtilization:slave-vsi-10:/mnt
- Reason for State Change: Threshold Crossed: 1 datapoint (2.82874384406759) was not greater than or equal to the threshold (85.0).
- Timestamp: Tuesday 01 November, 2016 22:16:31 UTC
- AWS Account: 347410479675

- The alarm is in the ALARM state when the metric is GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold 85.0 for 300 seconds.

Monitored Metric:
- MetricNamespace: System/Linux
- MetricName: DiskSpaceUtilization
- Dimensions: [Filesystem = /dev/xvdf] [InstanceId = i-0ab46c9e] [MountPath = /mnt]
- Period: 300 seconds
- Statistic: Average
- Unit: not specified

State Change Actions:
- OK: [arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:347410479675:cloudwatch-alerts]

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