Topics Migration 24 Hour Notification

Brendan OSullivan <bosullivan@...>

Greetings OpenSwitch community!

This is a reminder that we are planning to migrate your existing mailing list archives and user lists to on Wednesday March 21st starting at 9:30am PST. Please be aware pending memberships or posts (and similar pending moderation actions) in Mailman will not be preserved in this migration. We recommend re-checking for any such pending decisions and taking action on them within Mailman one hour prior to the start of the migration window.

During the migration window you will still be able to access the archives, however the delivery of messages sent to the mailing lists during this window will be delayed until after the migration of the archives and list members are complete. We will turn off new list signups during the migration window, then this functionality will be restored once it is complete.

If you’d like to learn more about using , please reference their help documentation. If you need assistance with, please email helpdesk@... for The Linux Foundation’s helpdesk.

Brendan OSullivan

Helpdesk Analyst