Re: vswitchd: #ifdef OPS vs #ifndef OPS_TEMP #ifdef #ifndef

Zayats, Michael <ops-dev@...>

OPS_TEMP is something that is ifndefed temporarily.
Generally some OVS feature that we don't support in
OPS, but intend to support once we have time.

OPS is for something that is truly OPS and would never
reconcile with OVS.


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I'm starting to work with vswitchd and I'm trying to figure out how I'm
supposed to #ifdef gate my code.

There are numerous examples of:
#ifdef OPS
Blah, blah;

But there are also tons of places that do:
#ifndef OPS_TEMP
Blah, blah;

Looking at the compilation output, some files are compiled with "-DOPS" and
others (including bridge.c) are compiled with "-DOPS -DOPS_TEMP".

I don't see any mention of either define in the docs.
Could somebody please explain the intended usage of OPS and OPS_TEMP so I
can decide which I need to use?


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