Container image LAG implementation

Rojas, Francisco Jose <ops-dev@...>



I’m investigating how to improve the LAG implementation in the container image, specifically the load balancing part.


The mechanism that is currently used doesn’t have many load balancing options and the ones that it has are not working as they are supposed to.  Basically, the container image is using balance-slb, which requires that the other end is not configured as a LAG/bond, which is something that we want to have, so this option is not really working.  Another option is active-backup mode, which means that there is no load balancing and requires that the other end is not configured as a LAG/Bond either.  The third option is to use balance-tcp, which won’t work very well for L2 traffic.


Since we have limited options with what we are currently using, I was wondering if the Linux bonding driver was considered as an option to create LAGs in the container image.  With it we will get more load balancing options that work very well when the interfaces at the other end are aggregated.


Any comments or suggestions about using the bonding driver?  I’m planning to start the investigation of how to add the bonding driver in the container image so any feedback is appreciated.