[Ops-dev] Transition

Rick Cheng r_cc_c at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 18:18:13 UTC 2016

To: OpenSwitch community
Hi everyone,
I have a few items which I like to point out to help everyone going through the transition.
1. Keeping the current Code+Infrastructure+Documentation+Website alive during transition.
Since the new design is not ready and may not be ready in a few months, it is important for the current infrastructure including code, devop infra, documentation, and website up and running.
2. BrandingI believe the new design will take on the "OpenSwitch" brand. That means, the old code will have to carry a different brand or name. To make life easier, "OPS" might be a good choice so code, including directory names need not to be touched. On this topic, further details needs to be discussed and decide. And "OPS" can stand for many different words to differentiate from OpenSwitch. "OpenPacketSwitch", "OriginalPacketSwitch", "OldPacketSwitch"...etc.

3. Location for old code?I believe OpenSwitch foundation is paying for the current storage and infra for all the old code. Let say the community would like to carry on as is. More information about the budget, new location need to be decided. Github offer free space for Open Source development. We should consider parking the old code in github.Any leverage of free service would be nice. I am not familiar with Zuul and gerrit. All historic info related to code review and bugs are valuable if the old OPS will be carry on. Historically, a good example is Quagga which is a continuation of the Zebra project. As we can see, it is widely adopted. The old OPS might live on.  4. OpenVswitch CommunitySince there is a large tie between OpenSwitch and OpenVswitch, I wonder if the OpenVswitch community would like to take on the old OPS?
Please comment.

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