[Ops-dev] Current codebase

Zayats, Michael michael.zayats at hpe.com
Thu Nov 3 23:24:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,

As we discussed during our TSC call today, due to substantial reduction
in HPE involvement and consequent lack of current codebase maintenance,
the existing codebase is going to be replaced with the contributions from 
Dell and SnapRoute.

During the call we had numerous inquiries about keeping
an access to the existing codebase and parts of the accompanying 

In this email thread, can we please get a list of:
1) Who is interested in keeping such access?
2) Do you foresee this access as something permanent or only transitional,
   while the new codebase is coming into place?
3) Is it only about Git or Gerrit/CIT/Taiga that are also needed?
3) Is anybody interested to try and take the codebase forward and is interested
   in maintaining/replicating the project infrastructure? It's all running on AWS
   and Puppet scripts to establish it are inside ops-infra repository.

I would like to summarize this thread and make decisions by the next TSC call on


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