[Ops-dev] Dell-EMC OS10 vs OpenSnapRoute

Rick Cheng r_cc_c at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 17:59:08 UTC 2016

Questions regarding the new OpenSwitch Design.
Regarding Object Modeling, looks like both OpenSnapRoute and OS10 uses Yang Modeling.However, there might be minor difference.Which one are we following? Or will it be a mix?If it is a mix, is there a general guideline?
OS10 is using CPS as the REST-API interface.OpenSnapRoute has Thrift as the REST-API layer.
Are both going to coexist?
On the system side (equivalent to the existing OpenSwitch Sysd),Would the OpenSnapRoute PlatformD be used?or is it the Dell-EMC OS10 PAS+SDI?
OpenSnapRoute AsicD and OS10's NAS+SAI+SDK play the same role and very similar.Which one is selected?

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